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Importance of Education
Published on August 7, 2008 By kurtin In Life Journals

Well, I happen to be quite bored this evening.  Much infact to be watching a movie on the internet (although it is the classic Groundhog Day w/ Bill Murray).  I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves comedy and unique story.  It's been a favorite for me for years now.  Anyway, more to the point of my post this evening (ha, it's actually around 1:30 AM)...

I'm currently in the process of packing everything in my apartment up to be moved to a new one.  Good thing is, I'm not leaving this state (I love Wisconsin).  This will be the second move in two months for me!!  AHH!!!  I'm about ready to pull my hair out!  Anyone who moves around a lot or even has to do it once can relate.

The reason for the move is to begin my new teaching career.  I've been working hard ever since I changed schools and major emphasis to education so that I could find a great job in this state.  Lucky for me, I knabbed one!  I'm just a beginning teacher, so who knows how everything will pan out, but I'm as prepared as I can be, and as always, I'll give it my best.  I am curious to know how education is supported where ever you, the readers, are located?  I hope that everyone takes the time to consider not just the headlining issues with the upcoming elections, but also those that seem to not make the cut for media broadcast or advertisment subjects.  I believe education needs to become an increased priority in this nation as we are falling behind drastically in global standards assessments.  Only we can help ourselves though.

If you have children, get involved with their schooling as much as possible.  Parent/guardian involvement improves a child's experience through school in extraordinary ways!  Educate them before reaching the school system; don't simply rely on the the schools to mold their knowledge.  We need a future with diverse thinkers who can bridge the gap between various perspectives in any situation.  I'm not saying we are in a state of drastic need for improvement, but really that we just need to keep pushing ourselves harder and not simply settle for "okay" standards.  Increase school funding whenever possible, we need to stop taking away from schools/students in need of better facilities or methods of instruction.

on Aug 09, 2008

Congrats on the job! I'm entering my 15th year in education...4 as a teacher, 7 as a principal, and the past 4 as an education consultant (who trains teachers and administrators). You will not find a more difficult, yet rewarding job.

I thought I'd pass along a few nuggets you need for your first year...If you've never seen Did You Know, you've got to watch it... Keep a journal of the funny things that happen along the won't regret it! Find other's journals/blogs about teaching such as Learn Me Good's at In keeping with the humor theme, check out Jerry Seinfeld's SNL appearance as a history teacher at I use this video clip often in my new teacher orientation trainings. Get a copy of Harry Wong's First Days of School...NOW! Always seek to grow professionally...there is a wealth of info out there. Always remember that every child is gifted in some area, it is our job to find it.

This is the first blog I've read from you, so I don't know much about you. What are you going to teach? Have you been in another line of work?

I've been in education and in Texas my whole life, and I've worked from the campus level in a small town to the state agency level in Austin. I've worked on affecting change at the campus level and at the state level. The biggest hurdle in education is how vital a role non-educators play in determining the laws (the legislature who knows so little about the challenges of educating children) and in determining the policies (the school board who have members who [often] don't truly understand educating all children [not just their own] and/or members who have an axe to grind and overstep their boundaries and misuse their [perceived] power). Not to say that non-educators don't have a role, because they play a vital role; but educators need a more powerful voice in our profession. Because our culture values entertainment over education, educators face an uphill battle for genuine respect unlike other cultures where teachers are the most respected members of society. In my eyes, teachers are the foundation for all other professions. "Teaching is the choicest of professions because everybody who is anybody was taught how to be somebody by a teacher."

I wish YOU well in your first will make a difference.