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Published on July 22, 2008 By kurtin In Welcome

Good day to ALL!

I've decided to open up a blog here on JoeUser.  Possibly due to boredom, possibly due to....well, I guess boredom.   Big whoop, wanna fight about it?!  So I will probably be writting about anything and everything going on.  This might include the minor skinning projects I undertake for fun and hobby.  I could just vent about work or other personal situations (but who really wants to hear about that?).  I just like chatting about random things I like to do in my life.  If I've seen a good movie or heard some excellent music recently, I might try to put in a plug of sorts (ehem....Dark Knight....ehem!) or a mini-review.

Just my way to becoming a part of the major online community in a small way

So...maybe I'll see ya around!

on Jul 23, 2008
Welcome aboard, Kurtin. One of the joys of being here is you can write about anything you want...make yourself happy. We'll be looking for ya.
on Jul 23, 2008
Welcome to JU. This is a great place to rant. Hope you have lots of fun here.
on Jul 25, 2008
Welcome to JU.
on Jul 28, 2008
Hope you like it here at JU.
on Jul 28, 2008


on Jul 29, 2008
I might try to put in a plug of sorts (ehem....Dark Knight....ehem!) or a mini-review.

You will get no pans from me!

on Jul 30, 2008

Thanks for the welcomes everyone

on Jul 31, 2008
A big hello and welcome from me too! Happy blogging!
on Aug 09, 2008

Welcome to JU. It is a nice place to blog and I have liked my association with this site.