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Fingers Crossed...
Published on September 20, 2008 By kurtin In Game Developers

I was excited to discover that Level-5, the game franchise, will be holding a press conference and announcing something big on the 26th of September. My hopes are that this big news has something to do with building anticipations over the release of Dark Cloud 3. I've loved each installment of the classic Dark Cloud RPGs, so a third one has been on my wish list for a long time now. It will give me a major reason to purchase a PS3 system. However, I don't really want to jump to conclusions or certainties out of fear of being let down severely, but I just can't help but think that the game has been a long time coming.

Dark Cloud Logo


For those who don't know about Dark Cloud, you fight monsters and wander through randomly designed levels in real-time while picking up pieces of a shattered past or a destroyed town that you inevitably have to rebuild as you see fit. The unique options in your design of the towns and the creative gameplay make for interesting entertainment value and provide a fair level of excitement even in replay. The stories in the two previous installments have been second-to-none even though at some points it can get a bit silly. Usually there has been a wonderful balance of fantasy, humor, and drama to captivate all audiences. Pick up one of the games sometime if you have access to a PS2 or PS3, and I guarantee you'll get hooked if you're a fan of the genre or not.

Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed until the announcement date is upon us. I can't wait!  Just thought I would share the news with any other big fans out there.

Below is the link to the countdown site just to demonstrate that this is for real, but there's really nothing else to it:

On another note, I noticed many users moving over to Blogspot for a number of reasons.  I just started an account over there too for more of my personal blogs since many friends will not come to JU, but I will still remain here for a number of great reasons.  For those interested, my new blog over there is kurtin's World, and I will try to maintain activity at both places. Take care. 


on Sep 21, 2008

they're not going to unveil dark cloud 3 but their new big exclusive title for the PS3 : White knight chronicles.

this game should be available in japan at the end of december 2008, and sometimes in 2009 in the rest of the world.

on Sep 21, 2008

They have already unveiled that project, although we do not know the exact expected release date.  They classified this announcement as "shocking news" when they posted advertisement for it in Japan.  I've read a little bit more into the speculations and the expectation and can't seem to find anything more specific, but I was so excited I had to write something up to let others know at least.  I do think that in order to be shocking news they would have to come out with something more than just a release date for Europe and North America.